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Xzibit Stars Next To Nic Cage, Val Kilmer and Eva Mendez In New Movie

Posted By on July 3, 2008

    Xzibit continues his career on the big screen. The west coast rapper will join star actors Val Kilmer, Nicolas Cage and Eva Mendez in a new movie. A remake of the cult classic 'Bad Lieutenant' will have Nicolas Cage and Val Kilmer playing cop partners while Xzibit will act opposite the good guys as the nemesis Big Fade. The original 1992 Abel Ferrara version of the film created a huge underground following but the new director Werner-Herzog is redoing the moving with his own spins.

    Before that movie hits the big screen, X has another movie coming soon. As we previously reported, Xzibit will first be the new X-Files movie called X-Files: I Want To Believe, hitting the movie plex on July 28th.