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Xzibit Talks X Files & Working With T.I.

Posted By on August 5, 2008

    X to the Z hasn't released an album in two years, yet he has appeared in multi movies. Xzibit went on his MySpace blog to address his latest movie saying "Thanks for everyone who went to support The X Files: I Want to Believe," Xzibit said, continuing "It had a modest opening but a good one. It was $20 million worldwide. Hey listen folks it wasn't The Dark Knight but it wasn't Meet Dave either…….can you dig it?" Xzibit is training for a new boxing movie, although details of the role haven't came out. Xzibit says the training is "kicking my ass."

    After his cameo on Bishop Lamont's "Be Cool", Xzibit is talking more about music. X talked about a possible track with another rapper slash actor saying "I was in the studio with T.I. the other night, my boy Caviee works with him a lot and invited me down," says Xzibit. "Of course I put something down! He had producers there that were VERY dope, Lil C and MARS they got some heat."