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Yelawolf’s Eminem ‘Radioactive’ Influence

Posted By on November 22, 2011

     Yelawolf's debut "Radioactive" album hit stores yesterday and the Shady Records artist made sure to thank Eminem in the albums booklet.

"To Marshall.. It means more than words I can write that you put it on the line for me dog.. Being apart of your legacy is an honor.. Thank you for helping me light this torch.. What you have done will never be repeated.. now you're genius is an instrument to my music…. An instrument that will open millions of people to my culture & my perspective.. My brother from another.. Thank you… – whitedog !!!"

      In related news, many think Eminem is only on the "Throw It Up" track but in fact Eminem sings parts of the chrous and even does adlibs on Yelawolf's "In The World" track, a bonus song from the album, listen to it below.

Yelawolf – In This World



Yelawolf ft Gangsta Boo, Eminem – Throw It Up


"Just a comparison would be, you know, in Rock & Roll, to sign with
Robert Plant, you know, have Robert Plant sittin' in the studio, just
chillin' with you…Artistically it's an honor to have him (Eminem)
around, y…ou know, it's like becoming a part of musical history, like,
just by association really."

Yelawolf – Talks Eminem On FUSE