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YG & Ty Dolla Sign Allegedly Beat Up Fan In Australian Nightclub

Posted By on January 30, 2015

YG and Ty Dolla Sign allegedly beat up an Australian man after they rushed into his VIP spot in an Aussie night club. The victim claims he was in the VIP booth when YG and Ty Dolla’s crew came in and kicked everyone out, and when the victim refused to leave they reportedly beat him up.

“The alleged victim claims he was hanging in the VIP area when the rappers and their crew rolled in and tried to shove everyone else out. The victim says when he refused to bolt … they unloaded on him and then chased him outside.

Cops eventually arrived and shut down the club. No one got arrested, but we’re told they are now investigating the alleged assault.

Sources close to the rappers tell us they never touched the man, and they claim club security guards tossed him.” (TMZ