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Jeezy denies name change says he still Young Jeezy

Posted By on April 13, 2010

   Rumors were flying last month when it was reported that Young Jeezy would be taking a more grown up moniker by dropping the “Young” from his name, and simply going by Jeezy.

   In other genres of the music industry, chaning your alias is almost unheard of. In hip hop however, its not so uncommon. Afterall, Puff Daddy went to P Diddy then dropped the “P” and went to just Diddy, The Game recently said he wants to go by just ‘Game‘ now and even Bow Wow recently dropped the “Lil“.

   However, when an MTV reporter caught up to the rapper on the set of Fat Joe music video yesterday(April 12), he confirmed that he will still be going by Young Jeezy.

“At the Joey Crack/Jeezy video shoot. All black everything! Don’t get it confused. Jeezy just told me he’s still “Young Jeezy.” @LamonteBall looking real “nice” up in there.” (Shaheem Reid’s Twitter)

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